The Honda Civic 2017 is About to Arrive

Honda has had a long history of releasing great cars. This year is going to be no different as the company releases the latest version of its ever-popular Honda Civic. The Honda hatchback is looking to go into the mainstream and this year’s model is looking to be a decent competitor for people’s car-purchasing budget. Considering that it will be up against the Ford Focus, VW Golf, and Vauxhall Astra this year, and that is a high praise.


There are quite a few changes to the venerable Civic. First of all, those old quirky back seats that could be flipped up to get more backspace are gone. A lot of people may bemoan the loss of space, but there is a bit of compensation. This was done by increasing its size. The new Civic will now be 30mm longer than the comparable Vauxhall Astra. The wheelbase will also be set at 2.7 meters, which is the lengthiest in class. The result is more legroom and a larger trunk area. Honda also managed to use the latest materials to ensure that the Civic is actually lighter despite the size increase.


Another change in size is the engine. The current trend among cars is to offer small capacity motors. This ensures a smaller engine, but the power differential is made up for by turbos. The result is that despite the 1.0 and 1.5-liter sizes, the engines still offer great performance at low costs.


Wonderful Interiors


The changes are not just about the size. Honda has decided that people should enjoy the travel experience inside the car. The redesigned interior features a lot of horizontal lines. This makes the space look bigger and improves visibility. Even the materials got an overhaul, as everything from the dashboard to the seats is given a better looking design.


One of the highlights of the interior is the infotainment system. Replacing the horrible model from the previous release, it has a seven-inch display and features Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. This means that your passengers are sure to have a great time. Combined with the expanded legroom and bigger storage area, this is sure to be a hit with families on trips.


Excellent Performance


It is not all looks either. The Civic 2017 is looking to be a smooth drive. Honda added an independent rear suspension, which means that the rear wheels don’t cause the car to jolt so much. This was a big complaint from previous models. Additional improvements have made steering the car a dream. Overall, Honda’s new offering should please a lot of people.

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