7 Signs You Need Help from Roofing Specialists

Roofs can last decades — granted that proper inspection and maintenance is being undertaken. But what if you’re consistently experiencing roof leaks or there are too many shingles missing? How do you tell if you already need help from a Sydney roofing company? This article rounds up seven signs you shouldn’t ignore.

1.There is visible damage to your roof. There are damages that are simply too huge to be ignored. If you see visible wear, cracks, or blistering — don’t waste time and call your trusted Sydney roofing company Many of these damages are caused by serious underlying concerns like clogging or too much moisture.

2. There are too many missing shingles. If your roof has too many missing shingles or shingles that are falling apart, your whole roofing system as well as your home will be more vulnerable to leaks. Contact a Sydney roofing company to know if your roof is only due for repair or for a total replacement already.

3. The flashings are not intact. This part of your roofing system refers to the metal pieces attached along the edge of your main roof. They are designed to direct water and other elements like dirt away from your home. If the flashings are not intact, your property’s structural integrity will be compromised.

4. The insulation feels soft. When inspecting your roof, your every walk upon it should feel sturdy and consistent. If not, it’s a tell-tale sign that your roof’s insulation has gone soft because of excessive interior moisture. Call your roofing specialists and have this issue addressed as soon as possible to prevent it from affecting other parts of your home.

5. There are visible signs of water seeping into your home. Do you notice water stains in your ceilings or walls? Or have you noticed rainwater itself coming from your roof and into the interior of your home? Ignoring these signs will lead to mold growth and weakened materials.

6. There is standing water following rain or hurricane. If it’s more than just a leak — and you already notice standing water in your roof even days after a rainstorm, it’s a strong indication that there’s something wrong with your roofing and drainage system.

7. The roof has been there for quite a long time. Accessories like a leaf stopper can prevent your gutter from debris. However, there are cases when roofing solutions like this won’t be enough to protect your property. If your roof is too old — meaning it’s already over 20 to 50 years old — you won’t be needing any more sign before you get professional help from a roofing specialist.

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