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2013 Infiniti I35


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2013 Infiniti I35

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2013 Infiniti I35 MSRP $check

2013 Infiniti I35 MSRP $check

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2013 Infiniti I35

2013 Infiniti I35 Review

The new 2013 Infiniti I35 is powered by a VQ engine, 255 horsepower and 246 lb ft of torque. There are four valve heads on the I35. Two in-take valves. Two for the exhaust. Each set driven by one of the dual overhead camshafts. A configuration that allows the engine to accelerate more quickly and efficiently. A computer continuously fine tunes the opening of the in-take valves to feed the engine with more air at the perfect moment for combustion. engine performance is optimized at all engine speeds, not just a specific rpm range.

The 2013 Infiniti I35 cams and crankshaft are finished to a microscopic level of precision, and pistons are coated in exotic molydenum to move more freely, accelerates faster and runs more efficiently. In normal driving, the variable capacity muffler routes exhaust gases for a quiet humm. Open the throttle and the muffler opens wide as well, reducing back pressure for a quicker performance.

For safety the new 2013 Infiniti I35 offers an advanced body structure designed to protect by helping to maintain the structure of the passenger space on impact. For side impacts, energy transferring structural beams help direct energy around the compartment. Plus, at each end are crumple zones designed to deform on impact helping absorb energy before it reaches I35 passengers.

Interior new features on the 2013 and for next year's 2013 Infiniti I35 include these highlights and more.

i35 infiniti8-way Power Driver's Seat with Memory
4-way Power Front Passenger's Seat
Large Passenger Compartment
Available Heated Front and Rear Seats
Available Heated Steering Wheel
Available Power Rear Sunshade
Automatic Temperature Control
So journer Leather Trim
Infiniti Analog Clock

2008 Overall Buy

For 2013 , the new Infiniti I35 is a great buy and packed with power.



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