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2013 Ford Ranger


2013 Ford Ranger picture


2013 Ford Ranger  picture

2013 Ford Ranger

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2013 Ford Ranger MSRP $check

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Most Requested Models
Ranger Tremor Ranger Edge Ranger XLT
3.0L V6 Engine or 2.3L I4 Engine (4x2 only) 3.0L V6 Engine or 4.0L SOHC V6 engine 3.0L V6 Engine

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2013 Ford Ranger

2013 Ford Ranger Review

For 2013 there are three available Ford Ranger models, the Ranger XL, Ranger Edge, Ranger XLT and the Ranger Tremor. And three engine types available. Most models come in seven cabin/bed/engine types, Regular Cab, Super Cab, 4x2, 6' Box, 7’ Box, 2.3L I4 Engine and 3.0L V6 Engine.

There are three 2013 Ford Ranger engine types available, a 2.3 liter I4 engine standard on XL and XLT, 3.0L V6 Engine (available on all models) and a 4.0 liter SOHC V6 engine. (5-speed automatic transmission standard on XLT 4x2 Appearance Arrays and Edge 4x2 Plus Arrays; 5-speed manual overdrive transmission standard on XLT 4x4 and Edge 4x4 Standard Arrays).

Available options for 2013 Ford Ranger trucks is a 60/40 Cloth Split Bench (standard on the new SuperCab), 60/40 vinyl split bench (standard on the 2013 / 2013 Ranger Regular Cab), rear jump, vinyl (2-door SuperCab only) or rear jump, vinyl (4 door Ford Ranger SuperCab only).

ford ranger dual mediaThis year year are six radio options available, they include (available on most of the 2013 Ford Ranger models) Radio—Electronic AM/FM stereo with clock (2-speakers), Radio—Electronic AM/FM stereo with CD player and digital clock, 4-speakers, AM/FM Stereo Dual Media (Ford Ranger Select XLT), Mach® MP3/CD Player (Not available on the 2013 Ford Ranger Edge Plus arrays, Standard on Select XLT), Radio—Electronic AM/FM stereo “in-dash” 6-CD player with clock(4 speakers) (Standard on 2013 Ford Ranger Edge Plus) or a Pioneer Dual Media audio system 485 Watt amp, 10 inch subwoofer with 4 coaxial speakers.

2008 Overall Buy

The new 2013 Ford Ranger trucks are a good buy.



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