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2013 Chevy Monte Carlo


2013 Chevy Monte Carlo picture
2013 Chevy Monte Carlo
2013 Chevy Monte Carlo  picture

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SS High Sport LS SS
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Tuned Sport 3400 V6 engine 200-hp 3800 V6

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2013 Chevy Monte Carlo

Review for the 2008  Chevy Monte Carlo Review

The new 2013 Chevy Monte Carlo LS with a 3400 V6 engine V6EPA highway fuel economy. The Chevrolet Monte Carlo LS's engine generates 180 horsepower at 5200 rpm and 205 lb. ft of torque at 4000 rpm. Also available is the Monte Carlo SS 3800 Series II V6 with sequential fuel injection with 200 horsepower. The Chevy Monte Carlo SS 3800 V6engine delivers an EPA MPG of 19 city and 29 highway. The refined 3800 V6 in Monte Carlo SS delivers smooth operation and power across a broad torque band . The efficient 3400 V6 in Monte Carlo LS features 180 hp and 205 lb.-ft. of torque at 4000 rpm.

Chevy Monte Carlo displayStandard on every 04 and 2013 Chevy Monte Carlo is 16inch wheels and tires. The Chevrolet SS has P225 / 60R16 Goodyear Eagle RSA tires and five-spoke sport cast aluminum wheels. Monte Carlo LS tires are P225/60R16 Goodyear Eagle GA all-season touring tires and steel wheels with bolt on full wheel covers. The new Chevy Monte Carlo has agile responsiveness thanks to an engine cradle made of extruded aluminum which will reduce vibration and noise from the powertrain. Standard on all Monte Carlo SS and optional on LS is an allspeed electronic traction control which will help maintain traction by reducing wheel spin on most slick roads by reducing engine power and automatically applying the righ amount of break pressure.

Chevrolet Monte Carlo compConvenient features in the new 2013 Chevy Monte Carlo's is 12-volt outlets to provide power needed to operate electrical accessories including laptop computers and tv's. One outlet is located on the front of the center console just below the temperature controls, and the other is behind the center console for the rear-seats. The optional driver information and security group includes a trip computer with outside temp display and compass, theft alarm system and HomeLink transmitter that can be programmed to operate your automatic garage door and interior lights in your house. You can also program a number of different Monte Carlo convenience and security features by using just three buttons on its sound system to your preference, power locks to automatically lock and unlock both doors, driver door only or no doors. You can also set the timing for the delayed headlamp illumination at 30second or 60second or off.

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The popular 2013 Chevy Monte Carlo is fast and luxurious with many added features this year 2013 .



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